10 Best Restaurants in Kanchanaburi You Mustn't Miss​

Kanchanaburi, a little town located in the west of Thailand, may not be as popular as Bangkok or Chiang Mai. However, if you want to experience the local culture and food, Kanchanaburi should not be missed. In the city centre, the riverside is where to go for a delectable meal with a view. You will find floating restaurants and upscale dining establishments flanking the northern and southern sections of the Bridge over the River Kwai. Here are 10 of the best restaurants to try.

Zeb Zeb
Dining in Zeb Zeb is a chance for travelers to immerse themselves in Kanchanaburi’s regional culinary culture. Locals occupy most of the tables here, with tourist faces a relatively rare occurrence beneath the timber pagoda dining hall. Unlike the other tourist restaurants featuring fancy design and fusion dishes, real Thai food is served here in a shabby, rickety wooden hut. Famous dishes like papaya salad, crispy pork and spring rolls are offered at wallet-friendly prices. And in case you find it all a little too spicy, fresh veggies are served for free.
Address : 16/27 Donruk Road, Kanchanaburi.


Good Times RestaurantGood

Times Restaurant is in a spectacular location overlooking the River Kwai with beautiful sunset view. Serving both Thai and international cuisines in a relaxed atmosphere, this restaurant opens to the in-house guests as well as walk-in guests. Cocktails menu and Thai dessert menu are also available at the restaurant. It opens daily for lunch and dinner between 10:00 AM – 22:00 PM. You can also learn how to cook authentic Thai dishes at their morning "Thai Cooking Course".

Address : 265/5, Maenam Kwai Road, Tha Makham, A. Muang Kanchanaburi. https://www.goodtimesriverkwai.com


On’s Thai Issan

On’s Thai Issan offers an amazing array of meat-free regional food and a cooking school. It is possible to choose three dishes from the menu to learn to make. Don’t worry if you are no Gordon Ramsay, the teacher here is patient, friendly, and a master in the kitchen.

Address : 268/1 Maenamkwai Road, Ban Tai, Mueang Kanchanaburi District, Kanchanaburi.


Blue Rice Restaurant by Apple & Noi

Travellers often find the heady mix of Thai spices and seasoning hard to handle. However, if you want to make your own Thai food, they are essential to your dishes, just as the cookery classes with the masterful chefs at Blue Rice will demonstrate. You will be given a chance to go to local market and explore the different ingredients and street foods on offer, while those not so keen on trying their hand at the stove can settle in for a range of classic Thai treats served with a perfect view of the river bank.

Address: 153/4 Sutjai Bridge, Thamakham, Mahardthai Road, Kanchanaburi.


Mangosteen: Garden Restaurant, and Cafe & Books

One purpose of travelling is to experience different cultures, and there is arguably no better way to do that than by trying out traditional dishes in a local restaurant. Mangosteen Garden Restaurant is known for making some of the best Thai food in Kanchanaburi. There is a large range of aromatic street food, simple and earthy, presenting the true taste of Thailand.

Address : Mangosteen Garden Restaurant, 74/12 Moo 4, Tha Ma Kham Subdistrict, Kanchanaburi.


There is another Mangosteen Cafe and Books on Mae Nam Kwae Road. Along with stable Wi-Fi, a cooling air-conditioning system, some great scenery and a whole range of mouth-watering Thai staples, this charming little place is a relaxing place for book-lovers.

Address : Mangosteen Cafe and Books, 13 Mae Nam Kwae Road, Kanchanaburi.



Meat & CheeseMeat & Cheese

offers a change from Thai cuisine. If you fancy an Italian pizza or an all-American steak give it a try. From t-bone to fillet, all crispy and caramelized on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside, to cheese-topped pizza and fries, Meat & Cheese has it all. And if you still want to add a dash of the old Siam to your meal, try the steamed bass served piping from the grill.

Address : Mae Nam Khwae Road, Kanchanaburi.


The Hut

The Hut is a local restaurant that offers Western cuisine like garlic bread, nuggets, spaghetti and steak at great prices. A world apart from upscale chain restaurants, The Hut is a small, welcoming venue with just six tables, providing a relaxed atmosphere for friends and families to chill in while enjoying tasty dishes. While The Hut might be celebrated for its laid-back vibe, the food and friendly staff are sure to leave an impression!

Address: 260/2, Maenamkwai Road, Kanchanaburi.


Paris Kan

As the name suggests, this restaurant has at least a dash of the Francophone. Indeed, the chef is from France but don’t worry, he can also cook delicious Thai food. There are around 20 choices on the menu in total, half of which hail from Europe, steak and fries for example, while the remaining portion is Southeast Asian through-and-through, massaman curry, pad Thai. The waiting time may be a bit long, but the food really is worth it.

Address: 232/4, Mae Nam Kwai Road, Kanchanaburi.



Keeree Tara

Dining on a floating restaurant on the River Kwai and admiring the picturesque scenery over the iconic bridge of Kanchanaburi is a unique experience that should not be missed when travelling to this corner of western Thailand. Dim light, live music, rustic wooden benches and chairs combine to create an enthralling atmosphere that is great for couples. Keeree Tara serves up traditional and yummy Thai cuisine, like green chicken curry and baked shrimp with vermicelli.

Address: 43/1, Mae Nam Kwai Road, Kanchanaburi.


Nut’s Restaurant

Without any fancy decoration, Nut’s wins its reputation by serving high-quality regional dishes. Everything is freshly cooked, spice is optional, and you can even request creations that are not shown on the menu if the ingredients are available. There are plenty of different dishes on offer, and it’s possible to mix and match a real Siamese smorgasbord from the menu. Oh, and don’t forget to order the signature Thai Curry, it is fantastic.Address: 9/4 Mae Nam Kwai Road, Kanchanaburi.


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