11 Must-Try Foods at Kanchanaburi Night Market​

The home of the Bridge on the River Kwai, Kanchanaburi city is a microcosm of what makes Thailand such a fascinating country. Lush tropical wilderness areas are well blended with historical sightseeing opportunities for nature lovers. Several national parks lie in the surrounding area, with opportunities to see stunning waterfalls; impressive cave systems; and a diversity of wildlife. Ever wonder what to eat at Kanchanaburi? We got you covered! We have compiled 14 must-try famous foods at Kanchanaburi night market which is also known as J.J. Night Market.


Corn Pancake

Sweet and yet savory, this pancake is something you will chance upon and will be pleasantly surprised.


Seafood Pancake


Cooked in a pan similar to the Takoyaki, the Thai seafood pancake has the texture similar to an omelet. The pancake has a crunchy bottom and often topped with seafood like shrimps, crabs and octopus.


Tapioca Pancakes

 Most tapioca pancakes in the night markets come in the forms of a little muffin shape but not this flat tapioca pancakes, especially the ones at Kanchanaburi Night Market. The pancakes are chewy and not overly sweet, yet so good that you might want to come back for back for a second serving.

Deep Fried Pork

Ranging from pork knuckle to pork cheek meat, you’ll be spoilt for choices. Don’t forget to order a glutinous rice to accompany the crispy meat.

Priced at 5 Baht each, this stick of porkballs dipped in spicy sauce is something that you should not miss.

Sour Pork

You can find the Sour Pork in almost all of the night markets in Thailand, so it is worth a mention.

Quail Eggs

Unpretentious fried quail eggs, something to munch on while you browse.

Seafood Omelet
This seafood omelet is crispy and eaten with a ketchup-like sauce drizzled on top. Cheap and tasty, don't miss it!

Look Choop (Thai Mung Bean Dessert)

This Look Choop is a Thai dessert in the shaped and colors of fruits and vegetables. It has a mung bean filling which is surprisingly going well with a hard gelatinous coating.

Mango Sticky Rice
Mango sticky rice is one of the most famous street foods in Thailand. But, Kanchanaburi Night Market has the mango sticky rice which gives you a choice of coconut flavored rice, pandan flavored rice and even pumpkin flavored rice.

Khanom Buang (Thai Crepe)

This Thai crepe might be a little bit different with the one you have at the bakery before. Khanom Buang is a thin and crispy crepe with a fluff of marshmallow, with a choice of either sweetened or salted coconut shreds.

Though a bit small as compared to the night markets in Bangkok, Kanchanaburi Night market is a small yet vibrant place to visit at night. With opening times from 6pm–10pm, the night market is located right outside of the Kanchanaburi Railway Station. Having its fair share of food and shopping, it is a perfect location for some inexpensive yet very good local foods for dinner and desserts.